Growth Groups

Growth Groups

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Growth Groups are small, regular gatherings of people, from all different ages and stages of life, meeting together to grow in faith and friendship.  

We all came here as strangers and I really feel we’ve made life long friends.

If you have any questions, click here to email Shannon, our Director of Groups at Redeemer Church.




How often do groups meet? Growth Groups meet on different days and times of the day throughout the week. Most groups meet weekly for the Fall and Spring semesters, taking a break during December and the Summer.

Where do groups meet? Most Growth Groups meet in the homes of individuals who are part of the group. Some Growth Groups meet at the Redeemer Church campus during the week. However, there is no defined location for a group to meet.  Groups are welcome to meet anywhere where they can grow in community and faith, be it a home, church, library, coffee shop, or local playground.  

What will we do? Every Growth Group begins with a study called "Community" that helps group participants get to know one another, share their stories, and aim in the direction of growing in faith together. From there each Group works with the Director of Growth Groups to determine their own best next step.  In addition to study, groups also have fun events and serve together in the community.  

Is childcare provided? Unfortunately no.  Due to all the groups that meet at different times and in different locations, Redeemer is unable to meet the needs of each group as well as the members of each group are able.  If child care is an issue for the group, they are welcome to contact the groups coordinator to talk about different solutions.